At ROVE, we believe having an amazing excursion shouldn’t have to be for those who can afford a getaway. Whether you’re racking up air miles or staying in your hometown, we’ve got tips to help you feel like you’re going the distance, even if you’re not wheels up on the tarmac. We believe every experience should be easy and fun, so we encourage you to wander wherever you are with wonder.

ROVE was started by two friends – Tyler Blackburn and Heather Catania – who enjoy getting lost to feel found. That’s why we built the most seamless way to remember and share great places, moments, eats, and hacks.

No matter where you’re from, or what gender, ethnicity, or income level, there is something here for you to find. ROVE is a safe space for our tribe to grow and support each other.

Here’s to getting lost…

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